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For over 15 years, K. Joly Contracting has been the premier choice for wood fence installation in Ottawa, serving both residential and commercial clients. Our exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to quality have earned us top rankings on Homestars, glowing Google reviews (see below), and countless positive testimonials on our Facebook page. Trust K. Joly Contracting for all your wood fencing needs in Ottawa—we are the experts you can rely on!

Wooden fences offer numerous benefits for Ottawa homeowners and businesses. Their natural aesthetic seamlessly blends with the region’s lush landscapes, enhancing curb appeal and property value. Wooden fences provide excellent privacy and noise reduction, creating a tranquil outdoor space even in busy neighborhoods. With proper maintenance, wooden fences can withstand Ottawa’s diverse weather conditions, providing a durable and attractive fencing solution for years to come. Choose K. Joly Contracting for expert wood fence installation and enjoy the timeless beauty and functionality of a quality wooden fence.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Hilary Freake
Hilary Freake
My husband and I were recommended K Joly by more than 1 person for our backyard fence. Administratively they were very responsive and informative. The work was done quick, but done well! Price was also very reasonable. We're really happy with our choice and our fence looks amazing. Highly recommend
Hugh Dimock
Hugh Dimock
I made no mistake in hiring K Joly Contracting for some fencing work. Kevin and Noel were flexible during initial planning. Don and his crew were very professional and took great care when hand digging to avoid underground irrigation hose and electrical lines. Don kept me informed along the way and his crew went beyond my expectations by making landscaping adjustments to accommodate the fencing. The installation went smoothly and on schedule. The crew were hard-working, courteous and a pleasure to have around. The fence and gates look great. Two thumbs up! Would hire Kevin again.
Anne Ahopelto
Anne Ahopelto
We had our fence installed in 2021 with K Joly and had a great experience! I reached out to them this year for some guidance on fixing a small hole my kids put in with a baseball and they went above and beyond with amazing customer service to fix it for us. Thanks so much Kevin and the entire team!
Dragos cristea
Dragos cristea
Exceptional quality and very professional crew. I had first a fence installed by KJolly 3 years prior, it looks like day one. We decided to do a full back yard, side yard and front yard makeover, and we asked KJolly to do it. Marina, their designer, understood exactly what we wanted and did a design so compelling that our neighbours pitched in, so we designed and implemented our front yards together. These are 40yard-wide lots, so having a front yard design common for two neighbours definitely widens up the space. Is so innovative that neighbours stopped over and asked us for a tour :-) Top craftsmanship justifies the price, 100%. The team, whether hard-scape, soft-scape, carpenters they are not only top craftsmen, but also great people that you would invite into your home to have a coffee with. The kind of people that would would think it over with you and give you suggestions on how to make your project better, wherever options are available. If you look for top quality and a contractor attentive to your needs, look here. If you are looking for bargains, look elsewhere.
Ed O'Meara
Ed O'Meara
K Joly and their team installed a patio and refurbished our deck. They were very professional, and we are very satisfied with the outcome. From being prompt and courteous to very good communication back and forth all went very well. Highly recommend this firm.
Robert Quirmbach
Robert Quirmbach
Great place to work top of the line equipment and professional staff !
Véronique Seguin
Véronique Seguin
We hired K. Joly contracting to install a pvc fence during covid and even with the shortage of material they managed to do a great job and were always very professional and responsive to our needs. Great service/ product would highly recommend.
ava joy
ava joy
I love the deck and interlock that K. Joly Contracting built in my front and back yards. A very professional and hardworking company with standards of excellence set by Kevin and met by the whole team who worked on our project.
craig farmer
craig farmer
Very professional, has all the right tools to get the job done fast, proper and done right the first time.
Alex Regimbald
Alex Regimbald
We hired them to build our fence after recently moving into the area and couldn’t have been more pleased with the result. They were professional, patient in explaining each step of the process, and worked with us to find a solution that we and our neighbours were all happy with. Rockland is known for having challenging soil at the best of times (it’s in the name) and still they were able to pull off a quality install that we’re still happy with today. Would definitely recommend them again.

Benefits of Wooden Fences

Wood Fence Built by K. Joly Fence Company

Natural Beauty

Wood fences offer a timeless and natural look that complements Ottawa’s scenic surroundings. The warmth and charm of wood can enhance the overall appearance of any property, creating a welcoming and attractive environment.

Privacy and Security

Wood fences provide excellent privacy, making them ideal for residential backyards, gardens, and commercial spaces. Their solid construction acts as a barrier against prying eyes and intruders, ensuring a secure and secluded outdoor area.


Wood is a highly versatile material that can be customized to match your specific design preferences. Whether you prefer a traditional picket fence, a classic board-on-board style, or a modern horizontal design, wood fences can be tailored to suit your taste and enhance your property’s aesthetics.


With proper treatment and maintenance, wood fences can withstand Ottawa’s diverse weather conditions, including harsh winters and humid summers. Regular sealing and staining protect the wood from moisture, pests, and UV damage, ensuring long-lasting durability.


Wood is a renewable resource, making it an environmentally friendly fencing option. Many wood fences are made from sustainably harvested timber, reducing the environmental impact. Additionally, wood can be recycled or repurposed at the end of its lifespan.

Wood Fence Built by K. Joly Fence Company


Wood fences offer an affordable fencing solution without compromising on quality or aesthetics. Compared to other materials, wood is generally less expensive and provides excellent value for money, making it a popular choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

Reduce Noise

Wooden fences can act as effective sound barriers, reducing noise from traffic, neighbors, or nearby commercial activities. This is particularly beneficial in busy Ottawa neighborhoods, where a wood fence can create a quieter and more peaceful outdoor space.

Increase Property Value

Installing a well-crafted wood fence can enhance your property’s curb appeal and increase its market value. Potential buyers often appreciate the privacy, security, and beauty that wood fences provide, making your property more attractive on the real estate market.

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The Process

We try to provide potential customers with a cost as early in the shopping process as possible. Many of our customers say what differentiates us from other Ottawa fence companies is our excellent customer service.

  1. Speak to your neighbours and determine who will be sharing the cost of the fence.
  2. Determine if they want to pay us directly or pay you for their share.
  3. Confirm the type of material to be used, the height and the style of fence.
  4. Measure the length of fencing required. If possible, break it down by sides. Include details about gates for each segment.
  5. Contact us using the Request My Free Estimate form with the information above. We will reply with a price guideline to help you and your neighbours decide before we meet in person.
  6. Schedule an in-person consultation with us and any neighbour that will be paying us directly.
  7. Review your written estimate and call us to book the job into our installation schedule.

Why Choose K. Joly Contracting?

  • 15+ years in business

  • Top quality work
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • 5-year workmanship warranty
  • Professional & friendly staff

  • Modern tools and equipment

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Custom made for you!

Whether you are looking for a simple wooden fence, or something unique and custom designed for your backyard, we can help. Our expert fence builders will work with you to design the ideal fence to suit your needs and stay within your budget.